Winter Festivals In Goa

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Winter Festivals In Goa

Winter, between the months of November and February, is considered the best time to visit Goa. The weather is noticeably milder, there is little to no rain, there will be plenty of water sports to enjoy, and it’s that time of the year when the night clubs and the beach shacks get busy with parties and lick smacking food.

But there is one more huge reason to visit Goa in the winter. Most of the events and festivals here are held between November and February, and there are plenty of them too. Here are the major events in Goa in the winter, month-wise.

goa international jazz festival

Goa Festivals in November – Goa International Jazz festival, International Film Festival, and Diwali, which is held all over the country.

Goa Festivals in December – Sunburn, Mando Festival, Feast of St. Francis Xavier, Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

Goa Festivals in January – Zatrotsav of Shantadurga, Flower Chariot, Procession of the Deity on Ambari, Feast of Three Kings, Tattoo Festival, and the Kite Festival.

Goa Festivals in February – Goa Carnival, Linc Tower Run, Monte Music Festival, and the Wine Festival.

Book your flight ticket and private beach villa in Goa in advance because of the high demand between November and February.

Goa Carnival

goa carnival

This is probably the most famous. Held in February every year, the carnival is held 40 days before Easter to commemorate the beginning of Lent. This is the only carnival in India. There are parades with decorated floats. Events are held throughout Goa. There are dazzling colors, exotic costumes, and foot-tapping music everywhere. The streets are beautified. Watch the fancy dress parades in black and red.

International Jazz Festival

Contemporary performers and legends of jazz music come together every year in November at Goa to create wonderful live acts and music. The performers come from all around the world. The Latination, the first jazz band of India also performs in the festival. Those who have performed here include Florian Favre Trio from Switzerland, Kefaya from the UK, Pol Belardi’s Urban 5 from Luxembourg, the French trumpeter Erik Truffaz, and the legendary drummer Jojo Mayer / Nerve. It’s a spectacle not to be missed. The festival is held over a weekend.

Sunburn Festival

goa sunburn festival

This is the premiere electronic dance and music festival of Asia. Sunburn is a synergy of entertainment, music, shopping, food, fireworks, and lifestyle. Music lovers from all over the country and abroad attend this event in December. International and Indian DJs play here to a dancing audience. There are multiple-stages.

Feast of St. Francis Xavier

The patron saint of Goa, St. Francis Xavier, is revered worldwide. A lot of pilgrims come to see his relics in December. Novenas of this saint are held before the feast every day in front of large crowds. There is a sale outside the church.

Christmas & New Year’s Eve

goa christmas party

Goa is mostly Christian, so Christmas is a big party here. Christmas is celebrated almost throughout Goa with music, food, and firecrackers. Many go to church on Christmas Eve midnight mass and on the morning of Christmas day. There are special parties. But the parties are wildest on New Year’s Eve, more so in North Goa.


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