Why You Should Stay At A Villa On Your Next Vacation

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Why You Should Stay At A Villa On Your Next Vacation

Upgrade your vacation to stay at a villa the next time you go on a holiday. When you wish to stay away from crowded places, have complete privacy, and relax completely, there is just one choice a – private luxury villa. The service you will receive is customized to your unique needs. All-inclusive hotels and resorts in comparison are noisy and impersonal. Holiday villas offer better lifestyle, more flexibility, higher value for money, and a more enjoyable vacation.

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You can stay at a holiday villa with your family or friends. You can also hire a villa for a corporate picnic. The entire facilities on offer will be just for you and your group. Luckily, these villas are now available throughout the world, including Goa. This is where you can rent a holiday villa in Goa.

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Here are the top reasons why you should rent a villa

The room sizes are much bigger than hotels. Also, a villa will usually have 4-5 rooms and there will also be a fully equipped kitchen too you can use. There will be car parking facility and security to keep your stay private and safe. You don’t have to share the compound, facilities, and common areas with anyone else.

Total privacy and complete freedom. No pool sharing with others. You can party till late in the night without disturbing the other guests. Do what you want, as long as you honor a few basic house rules.

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Top facilities, even better than hotels and resorts. There is air-conditioning, satellite television, internet, kitchen, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, coffee maker, blender, DVD player, a lawn with barbecue, fountains, swimming pools, stunning views, housekeeping, laundry, and more.

A villa can be cheaper than 5-star hotels. The facility accommodates between 6-12 guests as there are multiple bedrooms. When you divide the cost per head, it comes cheaper than the top hotels. Rent for a week and you can save even more. You will have great value for money considering the amenities and space on offer.

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Food is much cheaper, when cooked in a villa. You can buy supplies and cook at the villa to save money. A family of four will end up saving a lot on a vacation of 7 days. Besides, you will enjoy home-cooked food, which will be healthier too. It is also the better option for kids, seniors, and those with health issues.

Don’t like cooking in a vacation? A chef can prepare the meals for you, based on your preferences, which you don’t get in hotels. You can eat whatever you like and don’t have to choose from a menu. It is cooked in the style you want. You can also order food online or by telephone to be delivered at the private villa.

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A private villa is the better option for a young family, and young children. Many villas have game rooms, inflatable toys, safety gates, highchairs, and they provide cots too. Besides, the kids don’t have to share the swimming pool with people you don’t know. You can relax without a worry in the world knowing that your kids are completely safe, which means your vacation will be better too.


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