Why Villa Rentals Are Growing In Popularity In Goa

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Why Villa Rentals Are Growing In Popularity In Goa

Villa rentals have become very popular around the world in the last decade or so. Now, you will find many villas in high demand in Italy, France, Croatia and other countries in Europe, in Thailand and Bali in Asia, in Costa Rica and the Caribbean Islands, and at other places. So it’s not surprising that this trend has arrived in India as well. Take for instance, Goa.

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There are hundreds of villas now you can choose from at Goa – up in the hills, in the villages, besides Goa’s rivers, and of course, right on the beach or just a few meters walk from it. Actually Goa has emerged kind of the villa capital of India, as there are so many options to choose from.

There are many people now who prefer luxury villas over hotels and even the most premium resorts and for good reasons too. Let’s find out why villa living has become so popular in Goa.

A Villa Is Great For Group Vacations

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Many love to go on a vacation as a group, with their friends and family. The cost will be very high in a upscale hotel or resort for a group of 10-12 people, 5-6 rooms. A villa, on the other hand, will cost much less. Villas typically cost more when it’s a small group, just a family of 2-3 people. But when you divide the cost per head in a large group of 10-12 people, the per person price actually becomes less than hotels and resorts offering the same facilities.

And of course, when you are staying in a villa, your group can stay together. The rooms will be side by side, together. There are common areas, lounge, balcony, sitting room, garden, portico, where you all can socialize, have fun, and catch up on the old times. Cooking together and sharing recipes can also be fun.

A Villa Offers More Privacy

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An old group of friends going on a vacation after a long time, a family reunion, or even an extended family often doesn’t want others near them when they are vacationing. They may not like sharing the swimming pool with people they don’t know. Then there is also the jostling for sun beds. Luxury villas in Goa are perfect for them. They stay together. There are no other guests at the property, so they enjoy complete privacy. Every facility and amenity on offer, including the swimming pool is only for them.

Villas in Goa Close to All the Action

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Goa is best known for its beaches, water sports, and famous nightlife. There are many exciting places and activities to choose from. You will find a Goa villa close to them all. There are beachfront and waterfront villas, and there are those in quieter neighborhoods as well, in case you prefer solitude and quiet. Restaurants, cafes, ATMs, shops, tattoo, massage parlors are all close. The villas are also typically spread out over a lot of land, so the per capita space is more.


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