Visiting Goa In The Winter

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Visiting Goa In The Winter

Goa is an all weather destination. Tourists flock to this beach paradise in India throughout the year, as there are a number of good reasons for visiting during the summer and the rainy season. But having said this, the winter is the most popular time of the year to visit Goa. Every year, thousands of tourists, both Indians and Europeans, come to Goa for their holidays between November and February.


The Department of Tourism, Government of Goa says 1,268,513 tourists arrived in Goa in 2010. This number has gone up to 6,330,744 in 2016, a 600% increase in just 6 years. Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany are the top three countries.

Seasons in Goa

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November to February is the winter season in Goa when the weather is noticeably milder. However, it never gets too cold here. The average temperature ranges between 20°-22°C. The summer can be hot, while the humidity can be high in the monsoon. The water is milder and more predictable too in the winter. During the rainy season, the sea can often become very choppy when the weather is stormy.

What Makes the Winter Such a Great Time to Visit Goa?

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There are many reasons why so many tourists prefer to visit Goa between November and February every year. Here are the top reasons –

  • The weather is certainly nicer. It is cool and nice, with almost zero rain and no humidity. So you can spend an entire day on the beach on plan a day out to see the many attractions here. The water temperature will also be pleasant.
  • The beach shacks are all working. During the summer and monsoon, only the permanent structures are open, but as the winter approaches, there are hundreds of them throughout the many beaches. The shacks will all be serving their foods and drinks. There will be recliners on the beach where you can relax and order anything you want, including the choicest seafood.
  • The resorts, hotels, and villas of Goa will also be fully staffed, so you will get the best service. At other times of the year, many staff members leave for their villages for agriculture of fishing, as there are fewer guests.
  • Another major reason is the water sports. Like the beach shacks, there are few water sports to choose from in the summer and rainy season. But in the winter, there is parasailing, banana boats, speed boats, water skiing, wakeboarding, bumper rides, canoeing, yachting, and more. You can also visit the islands and do snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Goa is a hot party destination. Most of the parties are in North Goa, some on the beaches and shacks, while others are at the many night clubs. The party scene really hots up this time of the year.
  • There are many festivals too in the winter, like the international jazz festival, film festival, supersonic festival, Mando festival, tattoo festival, and the most famous of them all – the Carnival, and Sunburn, India’s #1 electronic music festival.

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