Villa Rental Tips For Your Next Holiday

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Villa Rental Tips For Your Next Holiday

Renting a villa is a terrific experience. Many second-home owners are now offering their properties on rent, so the supply is better than ever before. A big family or group of friends can stay together at a cost, which is the same as a premium hotel room, but the facilities, luxurious and privacy makes the villa stand out. But a villa stay can also go horribly wrong if you make the wrong choices.

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So here’s a guide to help you book a villa for your next holiday.

Know What You Want

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Every villa offers a unique experience. So you need to know the kind of experience you want, especially if you have a large group. For instance, do you want home-cooked food, phone/online order, or would you rather cook yourself? Do you need housekeeping? Many villas are tucked away in isolated places, while others are close to all the action. If you are thinking of a sightseeing holiday, confirm in advance that it is close to the major attractions.

Select Your Destination

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Many villas are so strikingly beautiful that vacationers will often book right away, without considering other things – like the destination, for instance. It’s only later that they will find out that it was not suitable for them, which can ruin their holiday. For example, South Goa is more idyllic, and less of a party hotspot like the North. You should book villas in Goa for rent in the South only if you are looking for a relaxed holiday, close to nature. The party sports will be far away from your place.

Agree on the destination and location first, and be sure of what you want before booking the villa.

Scrutinize the Amenities, Facilities, and Services

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Look closely at everything that is on offer once you have a property you like. Check the floor plan, see the photos. Check the number of bathrooms, and whether they are en-suite. Are bath towels and linen provided? Is the kitchen provided adequately? What cooking appliances are there, and also the gadgets? Find out the number of seats in the dining area. Is the property air-conditioned? Is there car parking facility at the villa and security? Is there a game room for the kids? There is a lot to check.

Check the Basics on Arrival

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There can be nothing worse than arriving late at your holiday villa and finding out that there is no drinking water or coffee machine. Holiday villas by nature are better equipped than apartments and your average hotel room. But it’s still important to find out what you will get there, especially when you are traveling with seniors, kids, and people with special needs.

Many villas provide a welcome pack that includes milk, coffee, tea, fruits, bread, butter, sugar, salt, and even eggs. Some owners are more considerate. They keep cold beer and a bottle of wine in the fridge. In many villas, there is staff and cooks to help you, while in others these services are extra.

Find out what you will get. You need to also know whether there is a minimum stay requirement at the place.


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