Hot Air Ballooning In India

//Hot Air Ballooning In India

Hot Air Ballooning In India

The “Balloon Club of India” was established at Delhi in 1970, but it’s only recently that ballooning has become popular as an adventure sport in the country. However now, you can get the hot air balloon ride experience at several places in India. It will certainly be a thrilling experience as you go up in the air, see the country from above, and enjoy its true beauty. For an hour or so, you will feel like a bird, on your balloon. Try it once.

hot air balloon pushkar

Here are the places where you can do a hot air balloon safari in India.

Delhi NCR and Haryana

Delhi from above looks amazing. Hot air ballooning starts from the Damdama Lake, Sohna, Neemrana. You can do the ride both in the morning and the evening between September and March, but morning is usually the best time. Float over the calm waters of the Damdama Lake, enjoying stunning views of the National Capital Region. Many famous landmarks and monuments are visible from the sky. Per person, the cost comes to Rs. 9000- Rs. 13000.


hot air balloon rajasthan

Ride a balloon at Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, or Pushkar. Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful states in the country, so the next time you visit, make it a point to ride a balloon. See the forts, the desert, the Pink and Blue cities, palaces, lakes, temples, and more from above. You can even see the Pushkar Fair, as balloon rides are organized at the time of the fair. Per person, the cost is just Rs. 6000, less than the Delhi ride.


hot air balloon agra

Can you beat the experience of seeing the Taj Mahal from the sky? It’s not just about the symbol of love, there is also the beautiful garden all around, the river behind, and the Agra Fort at a distance. You can see them all and appreciate the beauty from a balloon safari. And it will be such a romantic experience of seeing the Taj Mahal differently. The cost is Rs. 3000-Rs. 8000 per person.


hot air balloon goa

Hot air ballooning has started in Goa in the last few years. Head to the Assolda Ground in South Goa and you can do the safari for 30 minutes to 1 hour. See the beaches, the sea, hills, trees, villages, streets, houses, and the fields from above. You will get a spectacular 360 degree view. You can ride with others or do private balloon ride as well. The cost is Rs. 11,000 per person for adults and Rs. 7000 for children. Check out the best things to do in Goa here.



Hampi in Karnataka offers history, heritage, culture, and now balloon rides as well. See the golden days of Vijayanagara Empire from the sky. You will get amazing views of the ancient ruins, like you have never seen before, plus the ballooning experience. A Hampi balloon safari can be booked for Rs. 12,000 per person for adults. For children, the cost is between Rs. 8000 and 10,000.


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