Honeymooners Guide To Renting A Villa

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Honeymooners Guide To Renting A Villa

Goa is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India. The miles of long sandy beaches, the waters of the Arabian Sea, shopping, seafood, water sports, and its romantic ambiance is a huge attraction for the newlyweds. But not just honeymooners, Goa attracts a lot of other tourists too – school kids, college friends, families, office parties, and more, and this is precisely why there can be lack of privacy, particularly during the peak months.

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Honeymooners, of course, want privacy above everything else. They want to hold hands and go on long walks, relax on a lounger with nobody bothering them, and swim on the sea with no curious onlookers. Often, in many popular tourist places, there are far too many people bothering honeymooners – the shops offering their merchandise, and photographers offering to take cozy pictures. There is rarely a place where you can sit back and relax, undisturbed.

Between November and February, the Goa hotels are always packed, so there is little privacy here as well. There are plenty of staring eyes all around.

Rent a Private Villa to Enjoy Your Privacy

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There is, of course, nothing of that at a private villa in Goa or anywhere else in the world. In a private villa you will enjoy complete luxury as the property will be just for you and your group. There are no probing eyes, no noisy crowd, so you will have complete silence, peace, and privacy. These are gated places, which are guarded by security people. There is often a private swimming pool where the two of you can swim and later relax on a lounger beside the pool.

What You Will Get At Private Villas

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Private villas are well maintained with the best of facilities and amenities. The rooms are modern with air conditioning, coffee makers, wide-screen television, DVD player, power-backup, water purification system, internet, landscaped garden, gazebo, patio, and more. There is cleaning, maid service, laundry, and daily linen change. There is cooking service too in many villas you can use if you prefer to eat indoors. In many villas, most of the staff members will go away after working hours, so there will be even fewer people around in late and early hours.

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You will also have more space in a villa. Hotel rooms, typically, are always cramped. The food is for all, whereas in a private villa, you can ask it to be made just the way you like. It could be like your home away from home.

This is why many honeymooners the world over are now preferring private villas over busy hotels. Luckily, such villas have sprung up all over the world, at Bali in Indonesia, Italy, the Caribbean Islands, Greece, France, Italy, Cape Town, and at other places. In Goa too, over the years, many private villas have come up, offering the best luxuries and complete privacy to their guests. They are perfect for honeymooners and groups that want to enjoy their holidays a bit differently.


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